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Opened my first Studio in 1972, after graduating with my Masters Degree in Photography, which followed a B.F.A. from Missouri State. It's been a great career that has taken me all over the world on assignments, and I've had the pleasure of working for some of the finest companies on product, annual report, and commercial assignments.

I spent one month in The Peoples Republic of China in 1987 representing Eastman Kodak
and their film capabilities to the Chinese professionals. In 1990 I documented the retrieval of Japanese Hostages held by the Iraqi's in Baghdad just before Desert Storm by the American Group called "Peace Wave".

I have also had the distinct pleasure of meeting some of the finest people from all walks of life due to my profession. I love my work personal imagery.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Great Shoot yesterday .......

I got back from my shoot and processed the images this morning. I shoot with Nikon exclusively and it really delivers a big file to work from. At 36 megapixels I can enlarge to almost any size. The largest prints so far have been of the Graffiti assignment I received from an interior designer in Oklahoma City and he has ordered 2-80 x 120 inch images from me. To save you from the math they were 10 feet tall and clear as a bell. He has really started to develop a market for my images as he has ordered several.

The reason I bring up the size thoughts is because I am going to send to my client a disk  of the images I shot yesterday. I don't think they have a computer with enough ram to view the raw files and by sending them over the net would be a very long download time. They will also be able to give me their preference as to the cropping and other information I need to have. I guess it all comes with a days work.

I may be somewhat invisible as I'm going to be very busy photographing. I'll post as I can but it should be a couple of very interesting weeks.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Just a quick post ...then off to Missouri for a shoot.....

It's that time of year again....the lilies are blooming....

Sorry it's so short but business comes first...

                                            Click on the image and it will get larger.................

Saturday, June 3, 2017

I'm back and got the tar scared out of me..........

While I was on the last weeks shoot I didn't have access to the internet and basically forgot the proper address for my blog to sign on to. I have spent the last hour or so trying to resurrect the necessary information. I have right at 400 posts and 62,000 views so I was panicking that it might be lost forever. Obviously however....I'm back and will have a bunch of images to pass on to you. I will get them edited today and a few on by tomorrow. Check back tomorrow afternoon to see some pretty interesting stuff....nothing like sharing the panic.

Friday, May 19, 2017

The tidal wave continues...

Well it looks like I'm getting about 2000 views a week as my numbers are skyrocketing. Suddenly 70,000 views is around the corner. This next week I've got a completely full schedule so look forward to some interesting images throughout this weekend and next week.The weather may be the defining factor however......

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Thanks for the reschedule.....

As I mentioned in my last note the weather was to be the pits today so luckily enough I was able to reschedule my shoot to yesterday and it went very well. The wind was a bit bodacious but we worked around it by being behind large wind blocks such as buildings, fences, and wooded areas. The light was fantastic as the clouds covered the sun basically acting as a large soft box with gentle light that was also directional. It work out very well. I did come across a wall that I found very interesting and would like to see some of this in Carthage.....probably could be filed in the never gonna happen file.
However it really struck me as something interesting and it is popping up all through our downtown area. I'll get it posted next week.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Potential rain Thursday...

I guess it's all in the life of a portrait photographer...I have a session scheduled for Thursday and rain is in the forecast..that could be good or very bad. Obviously water falling on a client doesn't ideally work well however the light just before, or just after, or during a break in the weather can be fantastic...

Hopefully I'll have great images for you to look at later in the week.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

We passed 60,000 views and will have 61,000 by tomorrow !!!

Sorry I've been so invisible but it has been a hectic week. I had several deadlines to hit and was successful....but I was invisible to you all in the process. I hate that but business is always first. I closed the deal on the sale of one five foot by six and a half foot print plus a 40 by 60 inch print to the same individual. Big prints seem to be moving right now. I spent the last three weeks working on my "studio" outside getting everything planted into different locations to use as backgrounds. I have to use the whole area available due to the necessity of being flexible as to where the light is. If the light is best in one area I'll use it, if not, the other areas could be good. Same goes with the wind....some areas are better than others. I have a session next week and I'll upload some examples of what I'm talking about.  I love my job....

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Solution......dumb us....

I had mentioned that we should probably put the "leaf guard" net up and was met with lukewarm I did it anyway.  We bought it in the Fall to keep the leaves from falling into the pond and took it down earlier in the Spring. It works great for keeping the leaves out, preventing their decomposition into sludge in the bottom of the pond. If the heron comes back he will have a hard time getting through  the netting for his daily brunch at Morgan Pond. It is strapped down solidly  on the edges so I think we have the loss of fish taken care of. If we have guests over for dinner or whatever we can move it for a better look at the fish. I was just about to name the backyard the "Valley of Death"...

As dumb as it sounds the fish seem to know that something has changed as they are swimming freely throughout the pond. Before I put it up they huddled in the deepest part of their ocean and didn't surface much unless I fed them. Even then it was an "eat and swim" situation. Dinnertime conversations became very limited. If I have photographic sessions out there I will also remove it for that.

Years ago Leon Kennimer gave a siminar I attended were he explained the advantage of shooting with the sun reflected from a pond. It's like adding a hot box lighting set up without electricity to an environmental portrait situation. I did that when I was in Carthage at Spring River and Morrow Mill but until we put in the pond I didn't have the capability to do it here. The parks in Tulsa and the Garden Center require a fee to be able to shoot within their boundaries and that just rubs me the wrong way. They are tax supported entities here in town. So Morgan Pond was the was to get around the problem.

Click on the file and it will get larger...

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Bird must like NPR

Update !!! Looked out this morning and the damn thing was back. NPR was on the radio giving the news...we thought the radio would scare it away. No such must like the news.

However, it stepped on one of the bamboo poles we have on the outskirts of the pond and it moved, scaring the bird off. Fed Ex should deliver the "Banshee Eagle Screaming Motion Detector" today and that may help. Of course then again.....all of our neighbors may vacate the area in a panic. Only in America...........

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Lost fish.......

As many of my followers know we have had several Koi ponds over the years. Tulsa is no exception. When we bought the house it had a useless backyard...or perhaps better slope with no snow. We really hated it. Never spent any real time out there just mowed it. Back and forth...back and forth east to west, west to east. Over a four year period we started to change it up with no real plan....just get rid of the slope and perhaps turn it into an outdoor studio location. First was a patio with some precast concrete pavers... Expanded it the following year adding railroad ties to hold the backfill dirt in place. The next year we added a concrete wall to reinforce a larger patio pad and then noticed that there was room between the old deck for us to add another deck with a Koi pond. As we were doing this it seemed logical to add a lower deck to the one we were putting in with stairs to the lawn below.

As we did this-digging the pond-we had the railroad ties from the previous wall and a bunch of dirt from the excavation of the pond. We took the ties and put them to the south of one of our Bradford pear tree and used the fill from the pond to create a level area we deemed "the secret garden". A year later while Karen was at church I built another wall from stackable "pavers" south of the railroad ties.
Filling it with dirt I was able to hide the ties and we had another planting area. As one of the features
I added an architectural piece of stone I got out of a dumpster when there were redoing the Post Office in Carthage and added that as an area for a plant.

Needless to say the back yard is a great area to photograph clients in. HOWEVER !!!

We started with 3 Koi and several other exotic goldfish. Evidently fish have no morals as I hadn't seen any marriage ceremonies in the chapel on the bottom of the pond or any rings on fins of the fish and we suddenly had about 45 fish swimming in the pond. Most farmers will tell you never to name animals on the farm if you are going to eat them...kinda hard to have a friend for dinner if you know what I mean. Koi and goldfish are basically carp, we don't eat carp, so we named most of them. They all have personalities and we would look at them from the deck noting subtle changes and size growth.

Last week I thought that the numbers were different......didn't see a couple of fish we had named.
Buck was missing as was Golda. Golda had a habit of hiding under the water fall so not seeing her was not a big deal. Over then next several days as the rain kept coming down and the Arkansas River, which is a bout a mile west of us, started to get higher I noticed more fish missing. Mentioning it to Karen she looked and agreed. I looked out of my office down at the pond several mornings ago and there was a Blue Heron getting ready to snack on our babies ! I flew down the stairs, ran outside and as the bird flew off I was screaming in a provocative voice " Get out of here you Son of a B-------!! And don't come back !!! If the neighbors were out....they must think I'm crazy.

It's hard to count fish however they are straying in the deep part of the pond which is deeper than the bird can reach.....I think. We have the radio on next to the pond and that seems to be working. The bird hasn't been by since we put it out. Tomorrow we have a motion activated predator bird call arriving which will replace the radio. The neighbors may really think I have gone south when they hear a screeching banshee eagle call from the backyard. "What in the hell is he keeping out there
now ???"

Maybe when the Arkansas goes down the bird will leave us alone. When I think of the fish we lost I think it is appropriate to mention Leonard Cohen singing "Hallelujah". The fish were our "kids" and they will be remembered. Google Leonard and the just seems to fit. The bamboo across the pond is serving as another deterrent to the bird....why make it easy... The black tray on the left will be cut down and turned into a potting table. It used to be my darkroom sink. Click on the image and it will get larger.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

About the rain.....

I guess I should have wished for it to stop sooner. We got a total of about 6.5 inches this weekend and had a bit of flooding in town. Not as much as the news would lead you to believe but it made a mess of other towns. I was to be in Tahlequah to photograph an art show and make some contacts for  future work and thought I should call my sponsor to see what was going on with the show. It's a good thing I did as they were unindated with 7.5 inches of rain and the town flooded. Needless to say the show was cancelled the day before and reset for later in June. I just had not gotten the memo so to speak. I have a bunch of repair work in my yard/studio replacing paths that got washed out and trimming back some broken bushes. The wind though is so strong now that I'll have to put it all off till tomorrow. Auntie EM !! AUNTIE EM !!!..........sure hope some of our trees aren't uprooted by the wind.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Dreary ol'day...

Sick of the rain ! We could get a much as 5 inches before the weekend is over..

So far we have had a walk way wash out, drained three inches off the Koi pond and need to do it again, mud washing over new grass seed....QUIT !!!!

I spent the morning editing a real estate job I had Friday and thought I should look at some files from Alaska. Our present weather seems to match the attitude of the area we were in on the boat. Drizzly, a bit cold and just cast a blue funk over the day.

We have been missing a few fish from the pond...or at least it seemed so. I looked down from my office and saw a blue herring standing on the east side of the pond. I raced down stairs, quietly took off one of my tennis shoes and threw it at the bird. As it was flying of I called out in a not too low of a voice "And don't come back you son of a B____ !! Hope the neighbors weren't out standing in the's all in a day around the house....Click on the image and it will get larger on your screen.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A new account ......and 60,000 views around the corner..

I had the good fortune of a local realtor seeing my blog and contacted me for an assignment on Friday. Because of the weather report predicting rain, I went to the location of the home she wanted to get photographed and produced the outside images yesterday. If it is raining on Friday it won't make any difference as I will have all of the necessary equipment to compensate for the lack of daylight inside.

This is the basic bread and butter work of a studio. Not too creatively challenging however decisions must be made concerning the location of the shooting spot to show the most inclusive angles and the best view of the rooms. Generally I never get to preview the locations inside so it's kind of like Christmas.......each assignment is unknown until I get to it. The larger the location the longer it will take. Every day is a new day....I love my job.

By this weekend I will have surpassed 60,000 views ! Absolutely amazing....

Monday, April 24, 2017

A great leap forward...

Just checked my stats and 58,000 views is around the corner. I'll be shooting today so look forward to a new post soon. Thanks for your support.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Stat check.....

I guess I'm like a kid at Christmas........I really like looking at my statistical ratings from Google. Presently I'm sitting at 55,000 views and collecting about 5,000 views a month from all over the world. Going at this rate I should have 100,000 views by December of this year. I could have never guessed this would be the outcome of something I started for the heck of it. It has earned me business from viewers and I hoped has helped spread the word that because someone bought an expensive camera, they can't call themselves professional.

It takes years of education and experience to carry that label. As the photographic education is well on the way, the act of "seeing" is suddenly realized. Intrinsically everything I look at is subconsciously divided up into compositional spaces. I love it as that happens. The world takes on a different view. I can remember in my first photography class with Bob Johnson at SMS, on a class outing, his ability to "see" compositions I was blundering through. I had not learned the act of "seeing". That and the people I have met make this the job of a lifetime I'll be forever grateful for. I love what and how I see......Thanks for sharing my blog with me....

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sigma Nu Images.......

When my Dad went to Missouri University he was an Sigma Nu. He said that joining the frat was really the only way to get decent housing at that time. There were several Carthagenians attending MU  then so when he settled in Columbia he had college friends, that were also from his home town.

I got the assignment to produce the images from a very well known Interior Designer in Oklahoma City, Mr. Ron Licklider. He had seen my work on my blog and dropped me a call. The first assignment was to photograph art deco elements found in Tulsa. That was then followed up by another assignment to photograph some graffiti and I completed both assignments. Then a problem surfaced.....which ones to choose. I left that problem up to him. The graffiti was especially hard as there were so many to choose from. I've got to admit that one image especially hit my fancy, that being an 80 by 60 inch image of some really nice graffiti. That image is included in the selections above. I had a great time working on this and Ron has told me he has another assignment coming soon......I love my job.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

A new project....

As I mentioned in a previous posting I am looking at a proposal for me to photograph images for a foundry of their past work. The "studio" images you have seen were samples of how I would light the work on a black background then a white. Many of the pieces they have cast reside at locations throughout Tulsa. This is a sample of one of the larger works I'm sending to them so they can get an idea of what I would do.

It will be a challenging project for sure.
Click on the images and it will get larger...

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Sigma Nu pictures....

I got word today that the images I made for the Sigma Nu house at OU have been hung. I'm going next week to get some images of the installation for promotional purposes. I'll be sure to get the shots on the blog as soon as I get them processed. Look for some new images this week end of other things that I want to post.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

2 New Image tests and Passed 53,000 views....

I seem to have had somewhat of a mental block in getting together the test shots for the upcoming shoot involving the sculptures. It wasn't rocket science but I had to work it out over the weekend
and finally got it done. This assignment will involve some shooting in the studio but a real bunch of imagery to be photographed enviornmentally. Many of the statues are larger than life and situated all around Tulsa and other metro areas. It should be a great time. I would like to complete all of the work over the next month or so while the trees and grass are in their best state. I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Great time last night...

I may have mentioned in the post concerning the installation of the sculpture piece I photographed a couple of weeks ago, but I met the lady that owns the foundry that cast the statue while there. We hit it off well and she was in need of a professional photographer as her guy had decided to move on for one reason or another. In the course of the conversation she invited me to Pawhuska Oklahoma for  an art show last night. Karen and I went and I was blown away. The show was well done with some real talent from throughout the United States but the real surprise was Pawhuska. What a vibrant local culture there. The town was hopping, clean, Oklahoma friendly, and the buildings and renovations were outstanding. A really great surprise !!

It really reminded me of Carthage when it was on it's upsurge in the 80's. Excitement, cohesiveness, and the merchants were game for anything. The town square had a great variety of businesses wow..
it really looked good. Distressing that I see just a hint of that now. Granted it can be reborn but it will take leadership that I think must come from out of town. The complacency of being in a location for an extended time is like blinders on a horse.....your vision becomes limited. Pawhuska has buildings like Carthage, many of which are being renovated into condos on the top floors and retail establishments on the ground level. It would do the Chamber of Commerce leaders well to take a chance, do a day trip to Pawhuska, and light the fire again. If they don't think of it as a good idea...other business owners and leaders could make the journey themselves and come back invigorated and start the revolution. If there is enough positive feedback from the trip maybe...MAYBE the ball could start rolling again.

I ran some tests to show my new client how her pieces could look on a white background and as close-ups. I'll have the black backgrounds to show you tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Surpassed 50,000 approaching 51,000 views........WOW !!!

Well the title says it all. 51 is around the corner and I better get some new images up so you have something to see. I had an assignment to photograph an installation of a statue in commemoration of an special individual last week and am honored to have received it. The site is in a wooded area a short distance from a main road here in Tulsa. It's quiet, surrounded by trees and has a commemorative wall designed for meditation and for me, I sort of  began to consider the present and future. It's a very special place. The landscaping work isn't totally done as yet but should be finished by the end of May.
I will follow up with a set of completed images to view.

I really like the feelings evoked in this special installation and location.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Thanks everyone the Blog has had 50,003 hits as of yesterday. I appreciate it. Now that the weather is going to clear up....expect more shots soon.....

Friday, March 10, 2017

A quick note......

I just checked my stats on Blogger........

The Blog will definitely be over 50,000 views by tomorrow. Thanks for watching...
I sound like a newscaster....

That's wrapping it up till tomorrow .....

Lightning in the sky......

Ok I'm confused.....70 degrees yesterday, thunderstorm last night with no rain and 40 degrees now and possible snow this weekend...

Climate change is happening big time regardless of what the Oklahoma born Head of The EPA says.
It is hard to believe that he can bury his head so deeply in the sand or not read enough information concerning what is happening to the climate. It is a problem that goes beyond words to think that this guy is in the position he is. The scientists have tried to explain the situation to him but.....he's turned his ears and brain off.

ANYWAY......great light show last night.

Click on the image and it will enlarge.......
50,000 reads are around the corner....perhaps by Monday.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Rural Oklahoma Road Trip....

It had been a while since Karen and I went on a "Road Trip".....meaning that I needed to get out and see what there was to be seen. I had recently been out to Enid on an assignment with no time to stop and look around coming or going.  I traveled through several small towns that looked interesting but with no time....I just drove on. We sort of repeated the trip yesterday. There is always a search and find feeling when I photograph for myself. I've spoken of this before and I continue to do it. The images are always concerned with either a "color field" view or a compositional view of an element in the image. I can never really preconceive what I'll end up with and sometimes I come back with nothing. Some day are good and others are duds.

As I have mentioned in the past, if you click on the image it will fill your screen. I mention this because size does matter and by clicking you see the whole composition. If you don't click on the images you don't see the whole "scheme of view" and what you are looking at without the click is sort of like reading a Readers Digest version of a story....some parts but not the complete idea. Here are several images from the weekend. I hope you like them.
Door Chair
No Parking
Yard Sale

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Road for wagons ????

While in Kansas several weeks ago I noticed a strange "formation" for lack of a better explanation.
There was a raised "road" of sorts running through the plains. It was in the West side of the highway and obviously hadn't been traveled on for decades. It was still there though sticking out for all to see. Trees had sprouted on the North and South sides of it and it ran until it was out of sight. I wish I could hear the stories it could tell from the beginning. It would surely be the true history of settling the area.

Once again, click on the image and it will enlarge.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Carterville again.....

Browsing through the Carterville shoot I found a visual statement that may reflect the image of many small towns. This is obviously a second hand store/thrift shop/flea market. Many of the small towns are feeling the loss of jobs, anchor businesses, and old long standing businesses are passing on to greener pastures or just failing entirely. It's sad from the standpoint that the quality of life in the small towns is generally good with neighbors knowing neighbors, and several moms looking after the "kids in the neighborhood. But the jobs that sustained these people have either disappeared or moved to a larger population area. The hit that Carthage took when WalMart came was almost devastating to the Carthage square. The stores I grew up with, Western Auto, Otasco, Scotts, Kresge, Millers Clothing, The Fox and Roxy theaters, Lees and Doc Bakers News, The Hobby Shop, Killingsworth and VanPerks Ladies shops, Edmonsons, Belks, The C&W Cafe, College and The Carthage Pharmacies, Bank of Carthage, Central National Bank, Charles Cook Attorney, Murray Duncan Drug, and several other business have vanished. The square has some businesses, a few are doing well but the complexion of the economy has drastically changed. It seems as though opportunities exist in the town but it will take a true effort to revive it to it's past business activity.

Looking at this images I'm captured by the expanded view of the surroundings both inside and outside the storefront. The street is almost vacant but there is still the hope of potential business with the lighted OPEN sign. Click on the image and it will enlarge....

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

7,000 views so far this month...approaching 50,000 !

Obviously adding new images to my blog is a game changer. The more I add, the more views I get.
Should seem pretty obvious but I haven't thought much about the relationship of that until just recently. As I have said many times....I'm not a rocket scientist.....

I'll get some more images today and hopefully have them posted by tomorrow.
Thanks for looking the weekend I could be over 50,000 views. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, February 20, 2017

How the past finds us....

As many of you may know I originally started college as a printmaking and drawing major. That went well until I took my first photography course at SMS, for no credit, something that I had always wondered about since seeing the movie Blow Up. That in it's self is a long story but the magic of seeing the print develop in the trays hooked me from the first time. The magic still continues almost 48 years later.

I got a note from Susan Fix Griffiths, a neighbor of ours growing up in Carthage, and whose family I became good friends with. She was working at the Powers Museum in Carthage and came across a drawing I had done when I was 18. I remember drawing it and it is a part of history now because it is no longer there. Morrow Mill was a fishing area, swimming hole, and relic of past times in Carthage.
I am very appreciative of Susan dropping me the note. I had no idea where it was. This is the drawing.
Morrow Mill-1968

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Carterville revisited...

Growing up in the Cultural Mecca, as a teenager at 16, I used to go to the Webb City pool hall and shoot pool with my friends. We would go over on old 66 , aka Route 66, and really never thought much of it. As I was growing up I remember occasionally listening to a grab and gab talk show on a local radio show from KDMO. It was broadcast from the Boots restaurant which was just south of what they called, "The Crossroads of America." the intersection of U.S. 66 and U.S. 71. It was hosted by Lee Crocker and George Kolpin. They would interview people traveling through while they were grabbing a bite to eat. Being on the Radio was a really big deal then and they had no trouble getting takers for the interviews. For all practical matters the Mecca was not only the center of the United States then, but also for most Carthagenians was the Center of the Universe. But there wasn't a pool hall we could get into. That necessitated the trip to Webb City.

Between the Mecca and Webb was Carterville. It was inhabited by miners and their families and at one time was pretty prosperous. Way before I arrived however. In the 60's the loss of mining employment was getting to the economy and what was there was soon to be gone. Now it is more or less a narrowing wide spot in the road, a nest of memories. I stopped through there this last weekend and copped a couple of shots. The terrain has changed, the chat piles we used to play on are gone and there is no traffic. There were a couple of shots I should have taken but I didn't. Maybe next time.
Click on the image and it will appear larger on your screen.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

More images from Burlington...

As I said yesterday I would add a couple of more images from last weekends shoot. they are.

It may be a guy thing but rusty cars with historical logos really are a draw for me.
Be sure to click on the images so they will get bigger. A really fun shoot and great material for my new book.

Monday, February 13, 2017

I hit the gold mine of images.......

We had a road trip that took us just south of Topeka Kansas this last weekend and on the way we passed through Burlington Kansas. I made a note to remember it on the way back so we stopped. Absolutely more than I would have ever imagined image wise. Hog Heaven. This is one of the images. They will be in my next book that I am starting soon. The light was right everything worked. I hope you like them. I will be starting an internet store soon so prints will be available.

The light was right the subject perfect....I'll add more tomorrow. A great day to shoot.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Our Family Portrait

This last weekend my wifes' relatives got together and I mentioned that I would post the image of everyone on my blog so they could get copies.  Here it is gang ! Great to see and meet you all.
Mike and Karen.

The key to getting a good file to download and make a print from is to click on the picture with your mouse and it will get larger. Then holding the button down on your mouse, click on the enlarged picture and drag it to your desktop. If you want  to make a print at your photo provider place a blank CD or DVD into your slot for the CD or DVD on your computer. Once you see an icon image for the CD/DVD drag the photograph on your desktop to the icon and it should start burning the image on to the disk. Then take the disk to your provider.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Shop Vida

I got a note the other day from Vida, a ladies clothing manufacturer, that they had seen my blog and were wondering if I would be interested in designing for their broad array of ladies clothing using my images. Well obviously there was only one answer that I could give so..........the process has begun.

It is rather different because each article of clothing has a necessary pixel count that must be hit for the garment to have a solid enough image to be printed on it. A tote bag has one size while a wrap has to have a much large file. Suddenly I am glad that my Nikon delivers a 36 megapixel file. I have completed several pieces and really am happy with the look. The problem I'm encountering now is duh................uploading my signature to them for the label to be put on the clothing. It will be the Michael S. Morgan line.......imagine that. The rest of today will be taken adding designs for the look on different items. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Well ....

Quick post !!! Passed 43,000 views.............more relevant news tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Amazing .....

I have passed 42,000 views and rapidly moving to 43,000..............we could pass that today.
I have been particularly busy the last two weeks. I didn't get in last night until 10:30 primarily due to a drive from an assignment that started about 5:00. It was fun and I did a good job of it. Today is a paperwork day consisting of billing and processing images. This is the time an account never see's. I really don't miss wedding photography for that reason. Many "photographers" will approach a wedding with the idea in mind that numbers count. They couldn't be further from the truth. When I shot weddings it was really like the choreography of a ballet. There was a set plan and order to the shooting mainly set to the 'music" of the wedding. This is not to say that the schedule didn't have to be altered on occasion but it gave me time with the wedding party in planned segments that allowed me to produce a complete album with the images that were most important. Granted there were a few candids throughout the album, but I rarely shot more than 300 images. This is even a bit over the line as a reality check due to the time in editing and manipulating the images. When I hear of photographers shooting thousands of images all I can think of is the time wasted in editing, and the poor wedding party members that have to spend hours looking at images that are probably just snapshots that Aunt Milly could have taken.

This week looks great as far as my scheduling goes...I'll keep you posted and thanks for being a reader.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Passed 40,000 views....

Quite a birthday present....the Blog passed 40,000 views this passed week...

As stated before at smaller numbers.....I'm amazed. This weekend I'll be able to have time to post an image or two. I've been really busy working between Tulsa and Oklahoma City and it keeps me hopping....

Check in on Sunday and I may have something to show you.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

OK...back in line....

I've just made the proper correction.....incredibly glad I caught it when I did. I guess it doesn't matter or seem to that I keep a chronology going in this series but perhaps it will as I travel through it. I really don't know. It just seems to be the right thing to do. It may change as I produce it ....hopefully it will make more sense....once again I just don't know. Getting repetitive........

This my "working office", designed for my comfort and creativity....stereo is generally blaring...
great place for me to be when I'm working with images. Remember to click on the image - it will get bigger...

Check it out...

Not really sure....seem too be on thin ice .........again.........

You know that as you walk down path of life some things can change....even if an original idea was set out only week ago. In the beginning...I started out to produce a series of images of me growing up in recent "manufactured images" for the lack of a better word. I made another one this morning and as I sat down to write about it on my blog I realized that I stepped out of the original dream. I'm too OLD for the image. ORRRR should I say I'm out of sync with the original idea.

Back to the drawing board and maybe I can correct my left turn...............stay tuned....the new image is on the way.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Suddenly ....EXTREMELY busy....

As always the first of the year hits and business ramps up. The blog work will have to take second seat till this weekend which is a bit frustrating. comes first. Check with the blog next Monday and see what has happened....

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Hang loose....

As I mentioned in a past posting I'm working on a new "vision" or series or what ever. Progress has been good with three new images, two of which I think I've shown you. The third will have an added element of video that I'm trying to work out. Maybe by Monday I'll have it ready to's problematic because I've never looked at a "vision" like this. Some technicalities to work through.
Hopefully I'll have something Monday to show you. I'm sure that what I post will be just the beginning because of the natural evolutionary sense of my thinking...


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Speaking of views...

Looking at last months spike in views breaks down to 250 views a day. I find that
absolutely amazing....Thanks. I also noticed that suddenly I seem to have realized that
I pay exceptional notice to windows. Throughout my blog there seems to be an abundance of "window views". With the new series, both images deal with windows....gonna have to figure that out.


Window view

This is the second of the series of self portraits from a long time ago.....maybe not THAT long ago.
The window is like a time machine of sorts faintly looking to the past with my Dad...

I don't know how or why these images are coming together as such but I guess what is...IS.
If you click on the image it should get bigger for a better view....

Monday, January 2, 2017

While walking in the woods....

I went walking in the woods recently just to relax, maybe photograph, maybe just to walk. As a kid in the cultural mecca of the Ozarks, there was't television. At least until the Morrows got one about 1956. Up until then we as kids were expected to entertain ourselves in the neighborhood and not cause any trouble. We always found something to do...

I can remember stories of trees that had human characteristics sort of "woods magic" so to speak.
Having a pasture behind the house gave me ample territory to explore as well as the field between the Dead End on Euclid where I lived and River street to the east. There were ample hedge apple trees, a few walnut trees that undoubtedly were the the children from the giant walnut trees on the east side of our house. There were animals to spot being made out of clouds then changing into something else, a constant magic show. Now you see it, now you don't. Ok Kid..Did ya see the pig ?? How about the horse ??  Time passed and the parade went on.

The tress especially in the fall and winter took on human proportions, flailing arms, twisted torsos. Occasionally a face showed up. Just a bit unnerving but a part of life. In the fall the trees slept as their spirits took off with the birds and went south. If you were quiet enough you could find one, sleeping

unknowing that he had been seen.....

Sunday, January 1, 2017

I'm starting a new series...

I've decided to start a new series as a personal photographic challenge. Being the guy on the other side of the camera I'm very seldom in photographs although I have produced thousands over the last
44 years for clients. I'm going to be using images from my childhood up to the present as inclusions in some images. These "selfs" won't be in everything I post on my blog but will show up on occasion and can be spotted with a bit of effort. I think it will be fun. The image below is the first in the on the image and it will let you make it get larger.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

What to do..............Will I ever learn.................

I was awakened this morning by a misdialed call at 4:30.........which basically meant I wouldn't get back to sleep. Over the past four decades in the photographic business I have made some really solid photographic friends. Full time pros that make their living as photographers. Every now and then I'll have a friend ask me what kind of camera would I recommend for them....they just want to have a good camera to take some good pictures. Obviously the camera is what makes the difference in their minds. Occasionally I will make a recommendation and leave it at that. I had one individual years ago  that I made a camera recommendation to and before I knew it he had invested in a full color processing system with a printer and roll processor. He put the word out that he was going to put me out of business by producing his own portraits. Needless to say I never had anything to do with him again and he soon went broke and sold the processor for scrap. I had a teacher call me up and ask what kind of lights should she get just to play around with. I said nothing but got word that she had bought a cheap pair of "hot lights" to use in the studio she was setting up. She was going to also put me out of business. That didn't work either.

I recently had a friend ask me for advice on a camera and I gave it to him as he was a sportsman and wanted to take animal and nature shots. I relented and made a recommendation. Then came the questions on lenses. We talked about it and he bought one or two. Another question about a wide angle lens..............he wants to shoot some interior and exterior shots of some apartments and houses his son either owns or is trying to sell. I need to give myself a swift kick in the seat of the pants.

I would think that being friends he would recommend my services to his son because I helped him with the "nature camera". What he doesn't understand is how greatly offended I am that he thinks my services would either not be worth what I would want to charge or HE COULD DO IT WITH THE SAME RESULTS !!!! After all he has a "pro" camera and a case of lenses. That really says more than I want to talk about. Needless to say he is off my radar.

This attitude comes from being in the business, having the experience, the degrees, and business knowledge to deliver an excellent product at a very reasonable price. With the advent of the digital revolution the market has been flooded with individuals that are looking to be the photo heros. They know just enough to be "dangerous" and not a clue as to what they are doing. I had an insurance agent that asked for camera advice 10 years ago and I gave him some. I went in to pay my premium six months later and he was telling me that he had picked up an extra three hundred dollars shooting a wedding the past weekend. I changed agencies. Although I wasn't shooting wedding anymore, I won't support a crossover like that from someone I do business with. The same goes with friends. Either you're on the boat, and doing it full time, or your not. If you're not....leave the photography gigs to the pros. I love my job...

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Following numbers....

I'm confused which to most people that know me comes as no surprise, let me explain. Over the last three weeks my blog has skyrocketed through the web with an amazing numbers of views. Before this month I was getting three to four hundred views a month which I thought was amazing. HOWEVER..over the last three weeks I've had over seven thousand views and the number is climbing. I don't know why this has happened. Believe me I am not complaining...just dumbstruck and confused. Why did it happen and what thoughts am I generating in my readership ? I have had a base of followers numbering the total of eight as of the first of the month but that has almost doubled in three weeks to thirteen. Do my viewers like the imagery, the writing, WHAT ???

I appreciate the readership more than I can say because I love the photographs I produce. The writing has been fun and has kept me on my toes in the vocabulary area of life. Another question I have is that with over a total number of 34,000 views of the blog which, with the increasing number of views each day,...why only the 8 followers ? I'm really confused...........but.......I think that life may be more fun that way. A new year is coming let's look forward to it together.
I appreciate your readership and 2017 is going to be a gas !

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Coming back from Victoria Canada...

Having been to Alaska and through the straits with the ice, walrus, and cold, I went up to the top of the ship just to check it out. From that point I was able to get a shot of what I would call the "Vastness" of the sea. I can't image living in such an environment yet many generations of people have done so. The cold slices through you and it doesn't take long to appreciate the challenges of the environment. If you highlight the image it will enlarge for better viewing.

It's almost Christmas and I expect to be pretty engaged with family here in Tulsa. Remember what Christmas is all about, and I hope we all make it through the holiday in good shape.
Be sure to leave Santa a couple of safe....

Friday, December 23, 2016

The Sigma Nu prints...

I got word from the designer I'm working with that the prints I furnished for the Oklahoma University's Sigma Nu new house won't be hung until sometime in February of next year-2017. There are a total of 14 prints that will decorate the house, all of them dealing with imagery taken here in Oklahoma. Six are architectural images and the rest are segments of graffiti that I caught on a train's boxcars parked at the Tulsa terminal. I'll get you all images as soon as I can. They will look fabulous I'm sure.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Penguins on the loose with one imposter.....

Several years ago the Tulsa Zoo wanted to raise money to put in a penguin exhibit in the zoo. To raise money for the effort they sold fiberglass Penguins and held a contest with different artists expressing themselves using the penguins as their canvas base. The results were fabulous and the birds sprung up all over town where they still remain in front of businesses and different public locations.

While out shooting for myself I came across a second hand shop that had made their own penguin. I spoke with the owner and he just said that he would have loved to buy a "real" penguin but it was out of his reach. Sooooooo........he made his own. A great piece of work with a penguin sporting a guilty look. I just couldn't leave it at end result...

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Electric ..............

Going through some files this morning I came across this image of Jimmy Hendricks gravesite.
We were in Washington several years ago and found Jimmy's final resting place. When he made his debut in 1969/70 at the Monterrey Pop Festival he rewrote the musical landscape. I bought his first album "Electric Ladyland" and almost wore it out. I still cam remember a couple of the single songs from it and they pop up in my mind out of nowhere in most instances. "Crosstown Traffic", and "All along the Watchtower", spring up more often than not. Just a passing thought......

Monday, December 12, 2016

One amazing realization I've noticed concerning Marketing...

I hadn't thought of this factor in years but with the proliferation of people owning digital cameras, an assumption is sometimes made that "I can take the picture myself, because I have a camera". I can't tell you how many times I have heard from accounts the admission that they made the mistake of doing it themselves. Granted they got a "picture" but it didn't tell the story they were looking for. Either the lighting was bad, the color off, the cropping was wrong, or it just didn't LOOK professional.

After 44 years of producing strong imagery for clients I realize that I can't photograph for everyone. My clients want the best, strongest, really great imagery telling the story of their products and services. They want to be winners in the game of merchandising, not "also rans". This is one reason I love my job, I work with people and companies that know what they offer their clients and want to display those items in the BEST Light.

In 1972 when I started the company I had no idea where it would take me, but I have traveled throughout the U.S. and to many countries. I have worked with and met truly amazing people. I have seen deep poverty and the struggle for existence to lavish estates and opulent living. Historical locations to new beginnings and history in the making. Really great photography helped lead the way. I hope this statement isn't taken  as bragging, I try to deliver only the best imagery I can, backed by 4 decades of experience. I'm the luckiest guy in the world having such a great job.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Wowie Zowieeeeee !!!!!!!

I really don't know why or how this is happening, but last month I had over 3800 views on my blog. I find that extremely amazing and I do appreciate your viewership. I love my job.....this is just amazing.


It may seem as though it is a strange time of year to be marketing commercial photography with the holidays and all, but it is the "set up" time to get new potential clients, as well as my past clients, ready for the new year working with me. It is starting to be the time of year that scheduling compilation of Annual Reports, introduction of new products, and a "clean slate" begins for many commercial business I work with.

I really enjoy this time of year for that very reason. Last years endeavors are done and may be reviewed as to their successes and/or failures. The tweeking starts now for the marketing year of 2017. It's like a breath of fresh air coming down from the marketing mountains. I am personally delivering to new, as well as old accounts, a DVD of some images from around the world that I have photographed on assignment, some commercial images of products, as well as videos of some machines in action, to help illustrate the capabilities I have available to my accounts.

The reception has been good, and as I deliver the packages I get a card from the contact of the business so I may have a follow up letter in the mail by next week. If I can receive a ten percent reply of the people I contact it will be an overwhelming success. From past experience I know that although I may not immediately hear from the majority of the contacts I make, they will know of me, my abilities, and have the ability to contact me in the future. You ALWAYS need to look to the future.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A successful shoot in Arkansas Sunday...

Back when my studio was in Carthage it was easy to know almost everyone. The town was 11,000 occupants and it was as though one Carthaginian died and a new one was born. Sort of a revolving door so to speak. However.....occasionally someone would move to town. The older I got the more I understood as to the "whys" but in those days I just guessed the new comers just made one too many lefts. I had been traveling a lot with commercial jobs and had eaten in my share of mid-town deli's across the U.S. I never dreamed one would show up in town. I was in Galbraiths paint getting some painting supplies for a new background and someone, I can't remember who, asked me if I had been the new Deli ? Looking all knowing I just said " what deli ?"...... It was run by some guy who had just moved his family to town and had been in the newspaper business. As a prerequisite to relocating in Carthage, there is an untold law that everyone in town will know more about you within hours of you setting foot within the city limits than you know yourself.....which can lead to some fabrication, exaggeration, and mucho speculation. I decided to check it out.

Turning right as I left the door, sounds tricky doesn't it......I saw the new sign that left no question as to the location of the store. On a white sign with black letters boldly stood the name. THE DELI
I walked in and there was a guy with a beard, about my size, a bit older wearing an apron. I introduced myself and he told me that he was Tom Candela. We shot the breeze for a minute or too and I welcomed him to town as I was scoping out all the deli meats behind the counter. A total list of sandwiches hung on the wall and I though I had died and gone to heaven. Hot Damn...I must be in Chicago.

As fate would have it Tom and his family bought a home one house away from my Moms and as the years progressed we became good friends. Their son Tony, aka "Young Anthony" became an audio whiz kid and after becoming a regional Sales manager for one of the largest Stereo companies in the nation left them and started his own company which makes custom and speciality electrical wiring kits for the automotive industry. Their daughter Allison is married and has a great family with a son who at thirteen is starting to tower over me and will soon be over 6 feet. Tom and his wife Corrine expanded the Deli to a much larger building on the square, and then after a number of very successful years, sold the deli and mover to Dallas. We kept in touch and visited once or twice, then Tom and Corrine moved closer to us locating in Bella Vista Arkansas.

We were there last Sunday celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and had a really great time.
In the late 70's our family owned a townhouse there so I was familiar with the place. However I wasn't prepared for the gigantic expansion that has taken place throughout the area. Commercially it is hopping and residentially is "The Great Expansion", primarily due to the location of Walmart and poultry producers home offices. It is absolutely incredible. As I say in Facebook concerning my Blog....Check it out....

Monday, November 28, 2016

Any window.....

I guess that being away from my blog has been somewhat beneficial from several standpoints. My readership has litterly skyrocketed and approaching 30,000 views, which I should zoom past today, but I also had a new look at a couple of old images. I photographed this window on a road trip through Arkansas not knowing where I would use it but as has always happened, leave it around long enough and magic transpires. On a cruise to Alaska I shot the wake.....the window has a new look.....

I'll get some more images to you soon..............

An update...

I'm back from the last shoot in Florida and Tennessee and had a great time. I took some time to swim in the ocean one day and I guess a land locked Okie should always have his mask on while in the water. It may have been the faint theme song to Jaws I was subconsciously hearing, but as I walked out to deeper water I put my mask on for a quick look to see where I was going. I was almost surrounded by jellyfish the deeper I got. I put myself in reverse, continually watching, as they did the same thing. I exited that area and continued the day snorkeling further down the beach.

I have always liked the water and have scuba dived in Hawaii and Grand Cayman. Grand Cayman was the deepest, about a 100 feet, and Hawaii 40 feet at the most. Hawaii was spectacular with the coral and amazing fish and I would like to return there some day. I had done some snorkeling in California in Laguna, but it really made me feel uncomfortable as the Kelp was very long and thick rising from the bottom of the ocean. Hearing the Jaws theme song which seemed pretty loud, I headed for clear water. I just didn't feel as though I should be bait, so to speak.

I'll download some images later in the week as I have to get the final prints framed and to the designer of the interior of the Sigma Nu house at O.U. I'll deliver them on Wednesday and that will complete a fun and profitable job. After we hang them I'll show them to you with interior shots of the Facility.

By Friday I should have time to post some water images.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The dog didn't make it...

I was in Hong Kong on my way back from China in 1987, having dinner with a friend of my that owned three companies over there. They were in the clothing industry and I dropped him a call to tell him I was in town, so we had dinner overlooking Hong Kong Bay. We were generally catching up on several decades of non conversation as he was there and I was in Carthage. As the dinner progressed he told me of the plight of a photographer he had used with his company producing images for his advertising. It seemed as though this guy had an assignment to photograph a building in the downtown area and the only was he could get the shot was to photograph it from the building across the street. Inquiring about the possibilities of getting to the roof of the building and shooting, the owner of the building he wanted to shoot from told him that under NO circumstances could he get on the roof and complete the assignment.

Undaunted the photographer slipped through security and went to the roof to complete the shoot. The richest man in Hong Kong at that time owned a pink Rolls Royce, which, as luck would have it, the Rolls pulled up to the entrance of the building the photographer was shooting from. Looking down from the top of the roof the photographer saw the wife of the man step from the Rolls, reach in and grab her small dog and put on the ground. Leaning over to get a better look the photographer nudged the camera and tripod that was sitting on the edge of the roof and I think everything went suddenly into slow motion for him. The camera fell about twenty stories and scored a bullseye on the dog. I'm told he raced down the stairway, glanced to see that the dog expired and made a hasty retreat. My friend told me that he had heard that the photographer left Hong Kong for several months and was somewhat invisible for a time. He also noted that the wifes' husband was not happy that the dog didn't make it and had ordered a hit on the photographer.  Continuing, he also noted that he had heard that the photographer had returned to Hong Kong a week or so earlier and that if HE knew the photographer had returned, Mr. Big did also and that photographer was probably not among the living... careful of tall buildings and small dogs...

Saturday, October 1, 2016

It almost got by me.....

I was doing some work today and I guess my mind checked out on, mid afternoon,  I realized that Morgan Studio turns 44 today. I had applied to numerous colleges and Universities after I graduated with my Masters but the Draft had ended and the college teaching positions were fading as enrollment had tanked. All of the companies I spoke with told me I was over educated for any design or photographic jobs they had. It was looking pretty dismal.....the great plan didn't work.

I was reading a book and my Dad came into the room and asked me what I was going to do. I guess I had a blank look on my a few moments he said"GET A JOB'.

Carthage had three studios, Carl Taylor, Moyne Norris, and Stewards, all competing for the same dollars. They all had small studios, a dressing room, a reception area and an office. As I remember they all had Hot lights which means that strobe lights were on the horizon and not widely used. All of the cameras were twin lens or Speedgrafics which was not what I was looking for. Taylor was really the only seriously interested party I talked to but his location and all of the other issues just didn't fit what I was looking for. Plus he'd did his own color processing which with the technology was a shot in the foot.

I went to the bank for an appointment with Mills Anderson, the president. I told him of my situation, explained that I could make a living photographing people and products, but I needed a professional camera, and operating capital. I had found a location at Third and Lyon  that consisted a front room, to be my reception area. the next room had a sink so that would work for a darkroom, one more office to be the assembly room for framing, putting mats on prints, and a back room for a general employee area and a bathroom. The rent was $ 125.00 per month, utilities included. He looked at me and I signed a note for $ 5000.00. I really didn't believe it happened. I was a rookie so to speak in the business area. There aren't any business courses in the BFA program, but I needed a camera, I promptly bought an RB 67 which delivered a 2 1/4 by 2 3/4 inch negative and then looked for a space.

The issue then was what to do for a studio. I figured I could shoot in peoples homes but then realized that the outdoors had the best light. NO ONE ELSE WAS DOING THAT !!!!! A true stroke of inadvertent genius.

My first Senior portrait was Will Grey photographed at Morrow Mill, and the only senior I photographed 1972, I picked up some other portrait jobs a wedding or two and that was about it.
The next three months I could have learned how to play several musical instrument, written a novel or two, learned a new language.....I wasn't busy. I made a connection with Joplin Printing and they gave me my first big job photographing for Teledyne Neosho. From that I gained several other commercial accounts, won some awards for the imagery in the Teledyne piece and the ship of Morgan Studio took off.

Looking back over the last 44 years I have met amazing people that have opened doors for me, expanded my possibilities, and allowed me to live a life so much fuller than I ever could have imagined. The challenges have never been overwhelming although at times they seemed extremely large, but that's just part of the mix I guess.

As part of the unexplained luck that seems to have been with me for so long, showing my slide show concerning my trip to Baghdad a month before Desert Storm broke out and our retrieval of Japanese hostages, I saw a beautiful lady walk into the room. I didn't recognize her. Having been in the area so long there weren't many people that I hadn't met. To make a long story short involving the luck factor and good fortune, we got married 4 years later. We moved to Tulsa Oklahoma in 2002 so she could follow HER dream job as C.E.O. of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma. She did a fantastic job and has since retired and now occasionally assists me on commercial shoots.

I guess I've written a book with this one.................but all I can really say is that I Love My Job.
Thanks for all of your support.

Thursday, September 29, 2016


I was listening to NPR this morning and they were discussing time travel. They talked about the movie, several physicists views, authors, etc. It got me thinking though that time has traveled for all of us...and all we can do to keep a perspective of where we've been, and who were with, are the images we have in photographs. I don't recall ever looking at my images at like this, with the exception of one.

Over the years I have had the occasion to photograph individuals that unexpectantly passed on shortly after the shoots. I was exceedingly glad that we had photographed them. Looking back I can think of all the places I've been that I have images of and wondering how those areas have changed. In a recent commercial job that I alluded to earlier today, the photographs of the graffiti that will hang in the Sigma  Nu frat house on the O.U campus may have already been painted over by either the railroad or other taggers. My assumption is that they will stay as works of art only because I photographed them.

In 1988 Al Goracke and I were on the coast of the Pacific Northwest of Washington State. I was shooting with my Linholf 4 x 5 view camera and I recorded what I think was the best explanation of time I've ever seen. The coast is peppered with all sorts of driftwood ranging in the size of twigs to very large fallen trees. Because of the season and location being so far North the light was exquisite.
I set the camera up and focused it up and placed in the 4 x 5 sheet film holder in the back of the camera, and waited.....

A wave broke and I tripped the shutter. A week later I processed the film and I was startled....I got an image of time frozen, with the exception of a slight stream of water dropping off the log. I'll get it scanned and show you the image within the next couple of weeks. I have two favorite images after 44 years of professionally photographing....this was one. The other is of the LI river in China which I have on an earlier post here on the blog.

The process of seeing has been a gift we all have, we just need to learn to use it.....I love my job...

Delivery done !

Monday I drove to OKC and delivered the prints to the Designer that I worked with on the Sigma NU house at Oklahoma State. The delivery consisted of,

Three........40 in by 60 in images
Two..........30 in by 40 in images
Two .........24 in by 30 in images

Needless to say it felt good to have them off my hands and safely stored in the warehouse waiting for the completion of the house. It seems that the longer something like these large prints on canvas stay in my possession, the larger the possibility is that something will damage them. As soon as the house is done I will go down and photograph them as they are installed. YYYYEEEEE HAAWWWW !!!
I love my job.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Fast Summer....Fall's on the way...A continuing story...

Honestly I can't say where summer has gone. I've been very busy with the business but aside from that....where was summer ? Got the Koi pond in shape for the pond tour, did a bit of traveling, completed a very large job for the Sigma Nu house at Oklahoma University,  completed several other commercial jobs, purchased a new virtual reality camera that delivers an immersion tour of properties for the Real Estate industry, have been getting images from that mastered....where was summer ?

As mentioned in a previous post my granddaughter Kelly and her Dad climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa at the first of the summer. In the previous post I told you about the story of the black sapphire I received from a lady on a plane I was on, coming from a commercial job out east. To make a long story short, I gave the stone to Kelly and told her to put it on the highest point they reach on the mountain. When I got the stone I had plans of going to Tibet with a friend of mine from Canada, but he passed away before we had the opportunity, I was going to drop it there. Instead Kelly left it on Kilimanjaro which I think was just as fitting. Somewhere in this area, at the top of the mountain, the stone rests. I guess this is the end of the story of the black sapphire for me, but will probably continue
on for a couple of generations through Kelly's future family. I sure hope it does......

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Images coming soon of many different things.....

I must really apologize for my absence however it's what pays the bills. I have picked up two new accounts in Sapulpa and Oklahoma City that have kept me running. Both clients have made very large print orders of my work for decoration within projects they are working on. I love this kind of work as it is different and fun. I'll keep you posted as the work goes on and include some images next time.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Really a fun assignment...

One of the latest projects I've been working on is a video for a gentleman illustrating his involvement with Real Estate in a town near Tulsa. The video covers his 44 years in the business and it is absolutely amazing how much of that town he has been involved with. Because of his development efforts the town has grown substantially and benefitted from a sales tax base from the business locations, the job market for citizens of the town, and improvement of the school systems because of the tax base and new facilities he was able to secure. I had never thought much about the real estate market having such a long reach that extended past just the selling of property. It's been a real education....

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Been out working !

I've been extremely lucky the past several weeks with almost more work than I can control. I had three large jobs that took me to OKC and Sapulpua as well as shooting here in T Town. More work is on the way from all parties involved with inquiries coming in from other areas. I love my job !!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Back to Boots....

Just another image from hometown....

Friday, July 8, 2016

I found it...

While back in the Cultural Mecca of the Ozarks several weeks ago I stumbled upon a fabled entity.
When I was in undergraduate school I was out photographing with a friend and we saw a rainbow.
I causally mentioned that I would like to see the end of one and he said that he had. I was somewhat skeptical to say the least but I let it drop. The next weekend we were out again and it was misting. He told me to stop the car and look to the right. In a field about three hundred feet away from us was the END OF THE RAINBOW !!! I was amazed to say the least. It hovered for a couple of minutes and slowly moved away and then dissipated. I was in a great mood all week.

But as I was saying....while back a couple of weeks ago I encountered this and I really feel as though this one needs to be shared. Look for the still may be there. Have a great weekend.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Red and Blue are back..

Our dragonflies are back......Actually there are 4 total but 3 are photographically challenged.


The Doves are back...

For several years we have had a family of Doves nest around the house. The have had good families usually with two chicks, however, one year they had three. This year they decided to nest on top of a cabinet that we keep our garden supplies in on the covered patio. They hatched two and they have flown from the nest. We heard them cooing all summer long.
One of the Kids

Mom and Dad

Hitting the Summit

Last night my grand daughter Kelly and her Dad should have returned to the summit of Kilimanjaro and placed the Black Sapphire I referred to in a post week or so ago. The jewel was destined for Tibet but due to unforeseen circumstances, primarily my not going with Joe back in '88", I sent her with it to Africa for placement on a very high mountain. This is sort of the continuing tale of life trying to get to a location and doing the best you can. In all honesty we had the trip to Tibet in the planning stages but circumstances prevented it from happening. I heard of Kelly's trip to the mountain in Africa on the night before her Graduation from High School at a family dinner. The puzzle piece immediately fell in to place. I told the group the story and asked her if she would take the stone with her and place it on the top of the mountain, and she agreed. As soon as they get back I should have a picture of where it was placed. Mission complete. I'll post the picture when It cone to me. Stay tuned....

Saturday, July 2, 2016

An incredibly busy couple of weeks...

Well as mentioned before the Graffiti challenge went well. I took a final set of 115 images over to my client for his selection of what he needed for the Sigma Nu house on the campus of O.U.  I received one of the larges commercial orders I have ever had in the commercial arena. He ordered 4 - 24 x 36 prints, 3 - 30 x 40 prints, and 2 - 40 x 60 prints. It was a great days work. Two of the images will be printed on paper and the rest on stretched canvas.