Sunday, November 6, 2011


I make a killer salsa if I do say so myself. Every year for ages I've put out several varieties of hot peppers to put in the blend. Tomatoes have been somewhat of a challenge primarily due to the hot summer this year and last summer was just plain strange. Last year the tomatoes didn't set on until the end of September so I picked them just before the first frost, green as they could be, and let them ripen in the kitchen. We had fresh really great homegrown tomatoes through November. It looks like this year may be the same. I have make a greenhouse, to use the term loosely, and they should be able to stay on the vine through November. They are finally setting on. I picked a few peppers this morning and they just looked too good to put in the freezer without a portrait being taken of them. I guess I'm a bit compulsive....

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