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Opened my first Studio in 1972, after graduating with my Masters Degree in Photography, which followed a B.F.A. from Missouri State. It's been a great career that has taken me all over the world on assignments, and I've had the pleasure of working for some of the finest companies on product, annual report, and commercial assignments.

I spent one month in The Peoples Republic of China in 1987 representing Eastman Kodak
and their film capabilities to the Chinese professionals. In 1990 I documented the retrieval of Japanese Hostages held by the Iraqi's in Baghdad just before Desert Storm by the American Group called "Peace Wave".

I have also had the distinct pleasure of meeting some of the finest people from all walks of life due to my profession. I love my work personal imagery.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Leaves fell.......

It's happened's Fall and the leaves fell.........kinda like clockwork. I'm lucky enough to have a neighbor that has a spectacular tree that took the cake for the brightest leaves this year. The first fell and I didn't get there soon enough....the rake got 'em. The next fell and I missed again. Relatively early, a couple of days ago, I got to them before the rake did and I photographed a couple of collections........I had no idea rakes got up so early to do their job....there's got to be a 12 step plan to correct that problem........