Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Productive day......

I spent some time yesterday marketing one new account and revisiting an older one. I am in process of getting a date to make a presentation to the new account concerning services I can off them which should be fun. I will be presenting to them my image capabilities concerning their products. Because it has always been done in the past, they have photographed their products in house and have had some varied results to say the least. I am going to put together a PowerPoint presentation comparing my imagery to theirs on the same screen. It will blow them away. A picture speaks a thousand words and if they are insufficient-the sale suffers.

The other account has been revamping their location with major improvements which will necessitate some publicity shots as well as informative brochures showing the new changes.

Today I will touch base with another old account as they should be ready to have a machine part photographed that is part of a large overhaul of a drilling machine.

Love my job.....and it pays to keep in touch.

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