Monday, April 13, 2015

Floating Clouds...Anchored Rock......

In southwestern Oklahoma there are the remains of huge mountains that rose millions of years ago and have now dwindled in size leaving an incredible variance of formations. While traveling through the area recently I was struck by the variations of the land forms and quite frankly the amount of water in the lakes and streams. The rocks are mainly granite with some sandstone town in for "effect" and color variation. The fields appear to mainly grow rocks of all sizes and they are abundant where ever you look.

The force of the pressure that sent the mountains upward is visible in the angles of the huge slabs that support the whole pile. The color is typical Oklahoma red...aka after a few centuries..."Red Dirt". I guess the total palate could be boiled down to, as far as the rocks are concerned, red, grey, and black.
Mind you that these are not small rocks, they are huge boulders and slabs everywhere you look. From a distance the Mountains appear to be touching the sky. I caught a few shots and I'll show you some today and a few more tomorrow.

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