Sunday, June 7, 2015

20,000 in sight....

Perhaps you're getting tired of the count notices..... I hope not because it's been really interesting to me. To think that I could, or anyone for that matter, can just start writing about something that seems to make a difference to them and can attract the volume of reads that this blog has is just amazing to me. I started the blog about 4 years ago for the hell of it to see if I could attract an audience. I guess I have. But it's very interesting to me that although I am soon to have the BIG 20, I have a small number of followers on my Blog site. I guess that is just how the cards fall....

Anyway it's been fun and will continue. Next weekend a road trip is in view so expect some images to appear the following week from it. This week I am reviewing files for the creation of new views like the last two, and if I can get a commercial account off the "dime", there will be more commercial images.....the ride continues, thanks for reading.

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