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Opened my first Studio in 1972, after graduating with my Masters Degree in Photography, which followed a B.F.A. from Missouri State. It's been a great career that has taken me all over the world on assignments, and I've had the pleasure of working for some of the finest companies on product, annual report, and commercial assignments.

I spent one month in The Peoples Republic of China in 1987 representing Eastman Kodak
and their film capabilities to the Chinese professionals. In 1990 I documented the retrieval of Japanese Hostages held by the Iraqi's in Baghdad just before Desert Storm by the American Group called "Peace Wave".

I have also had the distinct pleasure of meeting some of the finest people from all walks of life due to my profession. I love my work personal imagery.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

20,000 in sight....

Perhaps you're getting tired of the count notices..... I hope not because it's been really interesting to me. To think that I could, or anyone for that matter, can just start writing about something that seems to make a difference to them and can attract the volume of reads that this blog has is just amazing to me. I started the blog about 4 years ago for the hell of it to see if I could attract an audience. I guess I have. But it's very interesting to me that although I am soon to have the BIG 20, I have a small number of followers on my Blog site. I guess that is just how the cards fall....

Anyway it's been fun and will continue. Next weekend a road trip is in view so expect some images to appear the following week from it. This week I am reviewing files for the creation of new views like the last two, and if I can get a commercial account off the "dime", there will be more commercial images.....the ride continues, thanks for reading.