Tuesday, November 28, 2017


I was shooting a product yesterday in the studio a small tabletop set up and walked away for about thirty minutes. I needed to clean out the filter in the Koi pond so the water would flow. It had completely stopped-thank you falling leaves....

I got that done, returned to the studio, and one of the legs on my tripod had loosened, without my permission, causing it to tip over. The camera was on the floor, lens about three feet from it. A few expletives later I tried to put the lens on the camera but it wouldn't stay. Ok, send the body to Nikon Repair. I put another lens on the camera and it worked perfectly, until I tried to change the F stop. Didn't work......sooooooo...the whole shooting match goes to Nikon Repair. Although financially painful, about $ 550.00 in repair, the camera needed a "tune-up" consisting of a cleaning, lube job, general sync checking as to the shutter speeds, blah, blah, blah...I shouldn't complain as in the 45 years I have been in the business I have only had two cameras damaged, A Mamiya RB 67,  a total loss with the lens, and now this. I guess I'm actually lucky.

Rationalization is an amazing attribute....

Another great day in the life of a professional photographer.

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