Thursday, July 21, 2011

Put the "Dancing Shoes" on !!!

Over the years I have pursued different types of clients, primarily because it looked like the assignments could be fun. I have been fortunate however to have clients come to me with some really great projects. One of the ones I always look forward to are the dance studios. It seems that most young girls love the theater of "Dance". The costuming, 'Ballerina Imagery", and the excitement of presentation, all roll up into a girls dream, sometimes leading up to a career in performance, teaching, or a refined appreciation for the "media". If you have not been to a dance recital you owe it to yourself to see one. Generally the youngest come on with the first routine, then the next age group, then combinations of ages then the grand finale. There are multiple clothing changes and groupings it is really fun.

When I am engaged to photograph a Dance Troupe, I like to complete the photography a week or so before the actual dance recital which comes at the end of a season of classes. This way the dancers can receive their portraits on the afternoon or night of the recital. The age ranges from very young to teenagers and young adults. I've found that in the youngest performers I generally get some fabulous expressions. I have found that it works well to set up a "studio" at the Dance School location as everyone knows it's location and it is familiar to the young dancers. Starting in the morning we photograph individuals and groups and the event can last most of the day. I have a wide array of packaging that allows a great selection to choose from. I've included some images from my last shoot.

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