Sunday, July 28, 2013

Images from the to speak.

While home last week my nephew Tim Putman, a photographer with a great eye, and I were driving around on a mission. I had gone out the previous morning to drive and just review my old sites I had used while located in Carthage for the 30 year run of Morgan Studio. I didn't have my camera with me on that first trip. By now you'd think I would know better...this was a redo excursion. I had been to a spring I first started using in the early part of 1973 and it was still flowing. As I went past an old barn I used memories started flowing back of families I had photographed there as will as a few individuals. I then happened upon this flag hanging on an old rodeo arena. It looked as though it might have had possibilities. On the repeat run I shot it and it occurred to me as though there is a flag
icon out there slapping me up the side of my head. I caught the one over the window in Arkansas, now this one, PLUS another I saw on the previous run. There my be material out there I have been missing for a collection of images. I guess I'll have to keep you posted.

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