Thursday, April 10, 2014

In a place Far..Far...Away...

As many of you know we have been going through my Moms' home as she passed recently.....
In doing so we have come across some amazing images taken in the mid 60's, some of which were taken by the NEW and AMAZING Swinger...Polaroid camera. I must have been a sophomore in High School, standing with Scott, Gaye, and Rob on the lawn of the Jasper County Courthouse in Carthage. I'm on the far left, and looking at the picture I noticed a 1951 Chevy Panel truck turning onto the Square. I am absolutely positive that this was driven by Onis Hutchins, a local plumber in town. It is, upon looking back, pretty nice to see it running through the image. I bought that Van from Bill Barksdale about 30 years later and reworked the drive train, wiring, interior, chrome, radio, and repainted it a deep metallic brown on the body and a gloss black on the fenders and running boards.  It made a great studio vehicle because of the room and individual look. I had it several years and a guy dropped into the studio one afternoon asking about the Van parked in front.  I told him it was mine and he asked if it was for sale. I replied that everything is negotiable, was he interested in buying it. Answering yes, he asked what the price was. I wasn't really expecting that and I priced the Van to him. He sat down and wrote me a check, and said he was in town for a week and to cash the check, he would pick up the Van on Friday. On the Van drove heart sank. The Van was going to a new home in Florida..........I've been looking for one ever since......a 1951 Chevy Panel truck.

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