Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A great meeting............

I met with a gentleman yesterday in a marketing effort to gain access to one particular account I wish to pursue. This potential client owns one of the most visible buildings in Tulsa and has been very successful in the business he is in. The man I met with knows him well and will arrange our meeting so I may offer my photographic services. I really like the look of the building and have never seen a photograph that does it justice. All of the images I've seen have not taken into account the problems with vertical lines of the building and especially the color balance inside the showroom. The photographers that have delivered the images were either rookies or just untrained and inexperienced. The three things that are on my side are experience, knowledge of light and the season of the year.

Due to the way the building is situated it needs to be photographed in the early Spring as the sun is in the South and the light that is available now is perfect for the setting. I will probably photograph it at two different times of the day for two totally different looks. I'll post the images as soon as I get them completed....they should be pretty amazing.

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