Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Approaching 15,000 views...........and some thoughts concerning my job..

Today should be a good day. I'm expecting to get news on the new account I talked of yesterday and am going to do some shooting for myself this afternoon. I'm also just short of 15,000 views of my Blog and should hit that number today. I find that amazing and quite frankly somewhat stunning.

The original intent of the blog was to give me an avenue to talk of my work, generate some new business and expose the public to what I do professionally. I NEVER expected to have this many views in so short of a time. In a profession that is saturated with individuals trying to break into the business of Professional Photography, with the minimum of professional training, I felt as though my Blog could help clients see the difference between a "smart" camera, and a photographer who could who makes decided decisions concerning his photographic imagery. These decisions involve time of day, light, design, expected look of the image, and intended use of the image. A camera can't make these decisions, the experienced trained photographer does. The images are generally "Pre-Designed"
before the camera is even loaded to go to the site. It is totally impossible for me to deliver the best of my work without laying down a shooting plan to arrive at the image of what I want. It's just the way I work. It saves my clients money, and saves me the frustration of having to figure it all out on the spot
with totally unexpected surprises.

I try to control all of the elements of the image in composition, color, light, design, and view. This does not mean that there are a few unexpected elements that come into play. I have to accept the draw  of the day, clouds in the sky, wind, and elements that may appear as I push the shutter and make the exposure. Sometimes these random elements work to my advantage and other times I have to wait for them to change and continue the shoot. That's one of the parts of the job I love......every shoot is different....every one is a challenge. What a great profession.

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