Monday, January 2, 2017

While walking in the woods....

I went walking in the woods recently just to relax, maybe photograph, maybe just to walk. As a kid in the cultural mecca of the Ozarks, there was't television. At least until the Morrows got one about 1956. Up until then we as kids were expected to entertain ourselves in the neighborhood and not cause any trouble. We always found something to do...

I can remember stories of trees that had human characteristics sort of "woods magic" so to speak.
Having a pasture behind the house gave me ample territory to explore as well as the field between the Dead End on Euclid where I lived and River street to the east. There were ample hedge apple trees, a few walnut trees that undoubtedly were the the children from the giant walnut trees on the east side of our house. There were animals to spot being made out of clouds then changing into something else, a constant magic show. Now you see it, now you don't. Ok Kid..Did ya see the pig ?? How about the horse ??  Time passed and the parade went on.

The tress especially in the fall and winter took on human proportions, flailing arms, twisted torsos. Occasionally a face showed up. Just a bit unnerving but a part of life. In the fall the trees slept as their spirits took off with the birds and went south. If you were quiet enough you could find one, sleeping

unknowing that he had been seen.....

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