Sunday, March 5, 2017

Rural Oklahoma Road Trip....

It had been a while since Karen and I went on a "Road Trip".....meaning that I needed to get out and see what there was to be seen. I had recently been out to Enid on an assignment with no time to stop and look around coming or going.  I traveled through several small towns that looked interesting but with no time....I just drove on. We sort of repeated the trip yesterday. There is always a search and find feeling when I photograph for myself. I've spoken of this before and I continue to do it. The images are always concerned with either a "color field" view or a compositional view of an element in the image. I can never really preconceive what I'll end up with and sometimes I come back with nothing. Some day are good and others are duds.

As I have mentioned in the past, if you click on the image it will fill your screen. I mention this because size does matter and by clicking you see the whole composition. If you don't click on the images you don't see the whole "scheme of view" and what you are looking at without the click is sort of like reading a Readers Digest version of a story....some parts but not the complete idea. Here are several images from the weekend. I hope you like them.
Door Chair
No Parking
Yard Sale

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