Thursday, June 8, 2017

Great Shoot yesterday .......

I got back from my shoot and processed the images this morning. I shoot with Nikon exclusively and it really delivers a big file to work from. At 36 megapixels I can enlarge to almost any size. The largest prints so far have been of the Graffiti assignment I received from an interior designer in Oklahoma City and he has ordered 2-80 x 120 inch images from me. To save you from the math they were 10 feet tall and clear as a bell. He has really started to develop a market for my images as he has ordered several.

The reason I bring up the size thoughts is because I am going to send to my client a disk  of the images I shot yesterday. I don't think they have a computer with enough ram to view the raw files and by sending them over the net would be a very long download time. They will also be able to give me their preference as to the cropping and other information I need to have. I guess it all comes with a days work.

I may be somewhat invisible as I'm going to be very busy photographing. I'll post as I can but it should be a couple of very interesting weeks.

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