Monday, March 7, 2011

Nine, Ten, Eleven...

Numbers are so neat ! I have booked a Wedding for September 9th, 2011...9/10/11. How cool is that !
What's really fabulous about the booking is that I have watched this lady grow up through the years. I first photographed her when she was a small child of about 6. She has three siblings and through the years of Family and Senior Portraits, we have traveled memory lane from crossroad to crossroad and now, to her Wedding.

The first session was VERY memorable for several reasons. We started outside as a family. grouped in a pastoral setting with an old split log fence, casually dressed. As we progressed the kids were having a great time and we were producing some terrific images. As previously decided, we returned to the studio to do some indoor portraits. I'm going to have to get the negative scanned to show you the image, but the last shot is Priceless ! All four kids are dressed to the nines, looking like they fell out of the  Vogue "Children's Issue", and I took the last shot.

A lot can happen in milliseconds......At light speed, as I pressed the shutter release, as the mirror and shutter rose up and started to close.....the thought waves of four small children, brothers and sisters, bounced between them. Lindsey to Rachel......"It's not fun anymore", Rachel to Michael, "We're not happy, Michael to Alex, "Lets raise HELL".......One, Two, Three, shutter and mirror do their thing and capture the immortal portrait.....called .........."WAAAAAAAAAA !!!  ALL FOUR KIDS START SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS !!!!! The session came to a close.

Their parents bought several images from that session, The Family group by the fence became a 30 x 40 "Pure Platinum" canvas print, and the Studio image, 2 - 11 x 14, "Diamonds, Rubies, and All That Jazz" Portraits,  one before and one after................ I have a great profession....

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