Thursday, March 10, 2011


Being eternally optimistic SPRING IS AROUND THE CORNER !!!! The sun is shining, business is coming in and I'm ramping up for a special that we will run at the end of the month. Creating reasons for business to cross through our threshold is the most fun challenge of the business climate for me. I love my job as I have repeatedly stated, but it can only work if I can get clients through the door.

Specials such as the "Mini Session" are good and lead to future business with Senior portraits, Family portraits, and even some commercial work for companies. I work with church's, preschools, ball teams, you name it and I can come up with a "special". When in Carthage I photographed the Proms and Homecomings for years for Carthage and other surrounding schools. It was more work than you could imagine simply because I threw myself into the project. All of the backgrounds were wide enough, 16 feet, tall enough, 12 feet, and had a long enough "floor", generally 30 feet, to photograph couples and groups of friends up to 20 in number and not have to make them look liked they were stacked upon each other. Because each dance had a "special " theme I was constantly reinventing the wheel to give them something that was unique to the occasion. It would take a total of three days to construct the backgrounds and a day to place them and do the finish work on location. It was great fun.

The Jr. Sr. Proms were the most stylish and the backgrounds were of a more subtle and subdued color arrangement. The most important subjects of the photograph, the couple or couples, had to shine. And they always did. I'll go through my files and get some backgrounds scanned and let you see what I'm talking about. As an added note, on the dance night I would never get to rest....the lines were always there. What fun.

As a P.S. to the story, to make the evening more enjoyable for my clients, many of whom I had produced their Senior Portraits for, and to get a little bit more control of the background construction, I decided to photograph my clients at my studio instead of the school. We took reservations, increased our bottom line, and made the evening fabulous for our clients.

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