Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"The Story"

Tomorrow is the day my "Japanese Iraqi Hostage" story gets full airing on National Public Radio. It will be carried under the program "The Story" with Dick Gordon. I just checked locations of stations carrying the program and the closest is KOSU - FM 91.7 in Stillwater. There are however 100 stations Nationwide that will be airing it. On KOSU it will air at 11:00 tomorrow morning. If you want to hear it and can't get it on your radio you may stream it from the net by going to and hear it. They will leave it on their website for a week or so so that if the 11:00 time is not convenient you can catch it at another time. It is an amazing piece of unknown history of the times in Iraq immediately before Desert Storm kicked of the war. Interesting say the least. There will be some images featured on the site that have never been published before

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