Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend..........finially getting the right stuff

I had a new account come in on Friday for a consultation on two portrait sessions. One now and one in October. It will be two family groupings the first being composed of the original family, the second will include the original family, wives, husbands, and first grand child, inside and environmentally. Both sessions are planned that way due to different considerations. The total family, because the grand child is a newborn and somewhat limiting in what we can do, and the fact that the Hospital took new born pictures for the was felt that they had enough portraits.

Because of the great light of the golden summer, we will do the immediate family environmentally in a casual setting in the evening light. On the October session we will do all sorts of grouping with the entire family, only this time indoors as well as outside. I'm looking forward to it as it should be a hoot. Being this late in the year we will also be able to create Christmas cards for each family, individually as well as all of the entire group.

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