Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A new account ......and 60,000 views around the corner..

I had the good fortune of a local realtor seeing my blog and contacted me for an assignment on Friday. Because of the weather report predicting rain, I went to the location of the home she wanted to get photographed and produced the outside images yesterday. If it is raining on Friday it won't make any difference as I will have all of the necessary equipment to compensate for the lack of daylight inside.

This is the basic bread and butter work of a studio. Not too creatively challenging however decisions must be made concerning the location of the shooting spot to show the most inclusive angles and the best view of the rooms. Generally I never get to preview the locations inside so it's kind of like Christmas.......each assignment is unknown until I get to it. The larger the location the longer it will take. Every day is a new day....I love my job.

By this weekend I will have surpassed 60,000 views ! Absolutely amazing....

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