Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Stat check.....

I guess I'm like a kid at Christmas........I really like looking at my statistical ratings from Google. Presently I'm sitting at 55,000 views and collecting about 5,000 views a month from all over the world. Going at this rate I should have 100,000 views by December of this year. I could have never guessed this would be the outcome of something I started for the heck of it. It has earned me business from viewers and I hoped has helped spread the word that because someone bought an expensive camera, they can't call themselves professional.

It takes years of education and experience to carry that label. As the photographic education is well on the way, the act of "seeing" is suddenly realized. Intrinsically everything I look at is subconsciously divided up into compositional spaces. I love it as that happens. The world takes on a different view. I can remember in my first photography class with Bob Johnson at SMS, on a class outing, his ability to "see" compositions I was blundering through. I had not learned the act of "seeing". That and the people I have met make this the job of a lifetime I'll be forever grateful for. I love what and how I see......Thanks for sharing my blog with me....

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