Friday, May 21, 2010

Well this weekend is the production time to get caught up. I went to Missouri yesterday to pick up the base for my reception room desk. I'll get the top to it and the top my production desk sealed this weekend. Both are American Black Walnut tops, three inches thick from a tree that I grew up with. It was in the side yard of the old home place and we lost it a year and a half ago. I took two 10 foot sections to a sawmill and had them slice them into 12 three inch thick sections. They have been drying for a year in a barn. I have always felt that I wanted to have some of that wood with me ever since I was a kid. It appears as though we may lose another one this year and I'll do the same with it. I'll post the pictures of how they turn out soon. Must go, have a great weekend.

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