Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Sorry for the delay in writing but I was gone over the holiday and not around a network to get on to. Back to the Li  River.

We all were in a state of shock so to speak as the mountains were surrounding us. Jagged peaks that rose from the ground reaching for the sky. We were all in a Chinese watercolor.....I can't relate the experience adequately to let you know what it was was better than the end of the rainbow. We stopped the boat and I ran to the top of the nearest hill with my 4 x 5 and equipment. I got set up as the light changed, actually softened a bit, thank you Mr. Cloud. I had time to snap a few with the Nikon and my 4 x 5  Linholf then we were back on the boat. We sailed the rest of the morning then made dock in Guillin.  The images is from the Linholf and actually made it worth it to haul halfway around the world. I have several other images from shots I took on the outside of the wall surrounding the Forbidden City that are also favorites from the 4 x 5. I have to get them scanned and I'll get them to you.

Throughout the trip we met individual Professional Photographers that were working under intense pressure as the images had to be within the framework of Party lines. I met one man though that became an instant friend and we corresponded till his death in 1994. His name was Yang Tang and he was the former owner and then manager of China Photo in Beijing. He owner the store until the Revolution and then was made a manager and only could work one day a week due to the fact that the Party has to give everyone a job. I had broken my camera strap and went in for another. I tried to get it across to a clerk that I needed another and he didn't understand. He called Yang and he came over and spoke fluent English. I explained the situation and he gave me three. I tried to pay for the one I wanted but he wouldn't let me, in fact he asked me where I was staying and he want to bring me one more that evening to make a final selection. I told him and he showed up with his son that was wanting to practice his English with an American about 8:00. We talked for an hour or so and parted company. Yang and I wrote for years back and forth. Just cards but it solidified our friendship.

To be continued... Did I do the right thing.....

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