Sunday, June 13, 2010

Memories triggered

When I was out on the coast yesterday, in the tidal pools looking at remnants of the receding tide, I heard the whopwhop of a  helicopter flying overhead. My mind immediately sent me back to Nicaragua. I was shooting a video concerning the Water Well project for the Tulsa Rotary Club and I was having lunch in the Areoporte Cafe.The only problem with that was that we weren't at an airport or even near one. Painted on the wall was a picture of a "copter" with the machine guns blasting away. I figured there could several reasons for the name/painting..a  longing to be a pilot by the owner, some type of club of retired fly boys met there, or maybe it just looked different. I asked one of the men what the story was.

During the first revolution, a few years back, when the Sandinistas first started their war the location we were on was the airport for them. All staging for the helicopters took place under our tables, it was the scene of the most activity in the country. One enterprising Nicaraguan realized that EVERYONE in the country knew the location of the Areoporte and after the war he opened the restaurant. When I get back to T Town I'll find the picture of the wall.

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